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Save a Greek Stray


Terms of use and products’ purchase via the website of the Non Profit Society for Animal Rights “SAVE A GREEK STRAY”

The present terms (hereinafter «Terms of Use») govern the operation of the website available through the electronic address www.saveagreekstray.com (hereinafter «Website»), the use of the website by its users (hereinafter «User»), as well as the performance of distant product purchasing via the E-Shop by the Customers (hereinafter “Customer”) of the legal entity “SAVE A GREEK STRAY Non Profit Society for Animal Rights” (hereinafter «SGS»), based in Kifissia, 59 Diligianni street, 14562, Greece, with T.I.N. 997433154, Tax Autohrity of Kifissia, with email address info@saveagreekstray.com and contact number +30 2295035612, under the current ownership and management.

2. Use of the Website and the E-Shop

2.1 The Website has been created by SGS in order to promote its non-profit, animal welfare purpose, which among others, entails treatment, care and adoption of stray animal as well as promotion of animal welfare and specifically the welfare of dogs in Greece and abroad.

2.2 The E-shop has been created by SGS and has been created for the purpose of reinforcing its animal welfare activities and supporting its non-profit work through the promotion of its products (hereinafter “Products”) via internet, distant order and purchase of Products by Customers, as well as two-way communication between SGS, Customers and Users regarding issues concerning its activity, its Products and any other relevant information.

2.3 Any profit deriving from the purchase of the Products will be exclusively devoted to the promotion of animal welfare and specifically the welfare of dogs, the operation of SGS’s Shelter in Oropos of Attica and in general for the promotion of SGS’s non-profit purpose.

2.4 Any use of the Website and its content, such as texts, photographs, graphics, pictures e.t.c. (hereinafter collectively “Content”), as well as access to the opportunities offered via the Website, printing, copying and downloading of its Content by the user or the Customer is permitted to the extent that it is in line with the above “animal welfare”, non-profit purpose or it is curried out for information purposes and thus performed as provided in articles 10 and 11 below. Any other use is prohibited.

2.5 Simply the use of the Website implies that the Customer or User has read, fully and unconditionally understood and accepted the Terms of Use and is bind by the entirety of them. In case any Customer or User does not agree with one or more terms, has the obligation to abstain from using the Website and performing transactions of any kind through it.

3. Terms and Conditions for the purchasing of Products through the E-Shop

3.1 Customer’s subscription as an E-Shop member

a) The Customer may purchase Products through the E-shop without necessarily having subscribed as a member of the E-Shop before. If he/she so wishes, one can subscribe once as a member through the Products’ purchasing process. The Customer should obligatorily fill in his/her full name, his/her delivery address, his/her email and optionally his/her telephone number.

b) All the above personal data of the Customer are subject to the data protection policy of SGS.

c) SGS will never request from a Customer to disclose via its Website or to send via email, during the subscription procedure as member or afterwards, information concerning his/her credit cards, bank accounts or any other bank detail in general, except in the event of withdrawal from the purchase of a Product as provided in article 3.5 below.

3.4 The Customer undertakes the obligation to inform the E-Shop of any change in his/her personal information.

3.2 Order and Purchase of Products

a) The Customer, providing that he/she has the capacity to perform legal acts according to Greek law, and desires to purchase a Product from the E-Shop, can select the Product and add it in his/her chart. The description of each Product, the color and the size are indicated next to the Product, as well as the price including VAT. After the Customer has selected all the Products he/she wishes to purchase, he will be informed of the total price of the Products, any additional delivery costs as well as of the cost in case the Customer has selected cash-on-delivery payment. If the Customer selects Paypal as means of payment of the Products, the cash-on-delivery cost will be deducted from the total cost.

b) In case the Product selected by the Customer has run out of stock or is no longer available, the E-Shop will relatively inform the Customer through an automatic message before the completion of the purchase.

c) The order of the Product and the conclusion of the purchase takes place when the Customer receives from SGS an email stating all the details of the order, as indicated by the Customer in the E-Shop.

d) SGS reserves the right to change the Products’ prices without prior notice of the Customers. In any case, the price referred next to the Product, at the time the Customer places the order of the Product, shall be the valid price of purchase.

3.3 Payment of Products

a) The Customer, who selects as place of delivery of the Products any place within the Greek territory, can choose to pay the Products either through Paypal or through cash-on-delivery payment. Specifically, when the Customer has selected all the Products he/she wishes to purchase, can then select the option “Order placed” and submit the requested information if he is not already a member and

i) Cash-on-delivery payment: The E-Shop has as selected default payment the cash-ondelivery payment. Thus, the Customer who wishes to pay in this manner, shall select “Order Delivery” and pay the price of the Products, the cash-on-delivery cost and the delivery cost on the receipt of the Products at the place of delivery, as determined in the order. The payment will be duly performed to the SGS representative in charge to deliver the Products.

ii) Payment performed through Paypal’s online platform either by debiting the Customer’s bank account or his/her credit or debit card: The Customer wishing to pay in this manner shall select the via Paypal option and he/she will then be diverted to the safe environment of Paypal, where he/she will fill in all the necessary information required according to Paypal’s procedure. The total price of the Products, together with the cost of delivery shall automatically appear as a total sum in Paypal’s website via the E-Shop. Further to the confirmation of the transaction from Paypal and the execution of the payment, the Customer shall automatically return to the E-Shop’s environment.

b) The Customer, who selects as place of dispatch any place outside the Greek territory, has no other option but to pay the Products through Paypal as provided above.

3.4 Order Delivery and Delivery Costs

a) For the purpose of delivering the Products, SGS cooperates with the courier company “COURIER CENTER SOCIETE ANONYME” with the distinctive title “COURIER CENTER S.A”, having its registered seat in Aigaleo, at 46 Kifissou Avenue, P.C. 12241, telephone +30 210 7512000.

b) Deliveries are performed every day from 08.00 to 21.00 and on Saturday’s from 09.00 to 15.00. The delivery time depends on the place of delivery determined by the Customer. SGS shall make any effort to deliver the Products the earliest possible in accordance with the number of days that the courier company requires for the delivery of products within the Greek territory and abroad, and in any event, within ten (10) working days from the placement of the order the latest.

c) The cash-on-delivery cost is €1,50 per order.

d) The cost of delivery of the Product sis calculated in accordance with the place of delivery and the weight of the order.



3.5 Withdrawal

a) The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase of the Product within fourteen (14) days from the day of its receipt without prejudice and without giving any reason. The Customer shall be charged with the cost to return the Product.

b) The withdrawal from the purchase of the Product is valid only if it is returned in the same condition as received by the Customer.

c) In order to exercise the right of withdrawal the Customer should inform SGS of his decision to withdraw from the purchase of the Product by sending a clear statement either via post at SGS’s address indicated above, at the beginning of the present Terms of Use, or via email on sales@saveagreekstray.com. The Customer can print the special form available here, fill it in and send it to SGS together with the Product as well as with the invoice of purchase.

d) Provided that the right of withdrawal is exercised within the above deadline, SGS shall accept the withdrawal by sending a relative notice to the Customer.

3.6 Reimbursement

a) In case of withdrawal, the reimbursement of the Customer will be carried out in accordance with method selected as means of payment of the Product, namely in case of cash-on-delivery payment via bank transfer and in case of Paypal via Paypal’s environment. In any event, the reimbursement shall take place within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which SGS was informed of the Customer’s decision to withdraw from the purchase contract of the Product and after the Customer sends back to SGS the Product.

b) If the Customer has selected the cash-on-delivery-payment, in the withdrawal form he/she should indicate the bank account in which he/she wishes the reimbursement to be deposited, the name of the bank in which the account is maintained and the IBAN.

3.7 Customer Update

a) The Customer has the opportunity to receive updates from the E-Shop regarding the state of his purchase through by communicating with SGS for any issue either via telephone on +30 2295035612 or via email in the following electronic address sales@saveagreekstray.com.

b) SGS shall communicate with the Customer via his/her declared email address or via his/her telephone number. The Customer is obliged to inform the E-Shop of any alteration regarding his/her registered email address or telephone.

4. SGS Liability

4.1 SGS is not liable for any delay or non-performance of the purchase contract due to force majeure owing to, indicatively, means of transport strike e.t.c. In such a case SGS shall be entitled to request extension in order to discharge its obligations deriving from the purchase contract.

4.2 SGS is liable for the delivery of the Product with the agreed characteristics and without real defect, however, cannot be held liable for the selection of the Products for which the Customer remains the sole and exclusive liable.

4.3 SGS has taken all the necessary precautions, as dictated by common practice, in order to ensure the highest level of security and protection solely and exclusively of its Website, E-Shop and its own systems. SGS further undertakes the obligation to keep its security systems upgraded and use antivirus programs. In any case, SGS does not guarantee to any third party that there are no viruses and is not liable for any damage of hardware, software, files etc. or any other loss that the User or Customer may suffer due to viruses.

4.4 As regards the security of transactions through Paypal, SGS shall not be liable since all transactions are performed through Paypal’s safe environment, where the customer enters his/her card’s or bank account’s details.

4.5 SGS, its owners, its administrators as well its staff and any externals shall not be held liable for any prejudice incurred by the User or Customer or third person from illegal use or misuse of the Website by another User or Client in breach of the present Terms of Use or the current legislation.

5. User’s and Customer’s Liability

5.1 The User and Customer are using the Website on their own responsibility, according to the current Terms of Use and any relevant guidelines that are given by SGS and communicated through the Website, exclusively for the purposes mentioned in article 2 of the present Terms of Use. Any other use of the Website is prohibited. The User and Customer undertake the obligation to abstain from using the Website for the purpose of:

a) Collecting, processing or saving Customer’s of the E-Shop personal data.

b) Sending via email, making public or in general delivering by any means illegal material which violate third party rights.

5.2 In case the Customer pays the Products via Paypal, is requested to use solely and exclusively cards issued or a bank account opened in his/her name. If this is not the case, SGS bears no responsibility.

5.3 The User and Customer hereby undertake the obligation to ensure that his/her computer is equipped with the latest versions of programs, systems, anti-virus programs and relevant systems for the protection of data and hardware (antivirus programs, antispyware, firewalls etc.).

5.4 The User and Customer are liable for any damage sustained by SGS, due to their acts or omissions, as well as any unlawful, anti-contractual and/or improper action performed by them while using the Website.

6. Consumer Rights

The present Terms of Use does not affect any rights of the Customer emanating from the current legislation for consumers’ protection.

7. Personal Data Protection

7.1 All the personal data of the User or the Customer sent to SGS via email or registered by the Customer when purchasing products are treated as and remain confidential.

7.2 SGS informs the User and the Customer that both SGS as well as third parties, further to its mandate and for its behalf, shall process personal data received via email or registered as follows:

a) Type of data: i. As regards submitted emails: The data submitted by the User when sending his/her email and ii. As regards personal data when ordering a Product: The personal data submitted as well as those that might arise at the time of purchase.

b) Purpose of personal data processing: i. User’s and Customer’s facilitation while navigating through the website and using the E-Shop ii. order, purchase, delivery, Products’ replacement and reimbursement iii. Purchase withdrawal iv. Defending SGS’s interests and fulfillment of its legal obligations and v. SGS’s public display.

c) Personal data recipients: As regards the personal data that are necessary for the implementation of each and every of the above processing purposes and within the framework of competence of each of the recipients: SGS’s management, services and other collaborators.

d) Right of Access and Denial: Every User or Customer, as personal data subject, has the right to know whether the personal data concerning him/her are subject to or have been subject to processing (right of access, art.12 L.2472/1997). The User or the Customer has the right to raise objections against the processing of his/her personal data (Right of refusal art.13 L. 2472/1997). In order to exercise your right of access and refusal regarding the processing of your personal data you can contact SGS (Communication Officer Ms. Xourafa Chryssa, tel. +30 210 6282034).

8. Alterations- E-Shop Closure

8.1 SGS reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use, within the framework of the current legislation, and upload the latest texts on its Website. The aforementioned alterations shall cover purchases performed after the said alterations are uploaded on the Website. If the User and the Customer makes use of the Website after the alteration of the Terms of Use implies the acceptance of them.

8.2 SGS reserves the right to alter the Content of the Website, to add or remove Products, information and data contained therein and to interrupt temporarily or permanently its function, when SGS considers it necessary or prudent.

8.3 The User can be informed of any alteration, temporal or permanent interruption of the Website’s function via the relevant sections of the Website.

9. User’s and Customer’s Costs

Access and navigation of the User and Customer in the Website, use of its Content and the placement of orders for the purchase of Products through it is free of charge. The User and the Customer bears all costs for the internet connection.

10. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

10.1 Using the Website and its Content by the User and the Customer does not confer any rights on them regarding the designs of the Products, the work, the elements and the materials in which the intellectual and industrial property rights of SGS or third parties are incorporated, and which are accessible through the Website.

10.2 Any use whatsoever of the Website or its Content by the User, the Customer or third parties with the aim to derive profit is forbidden, such as indicatively:

a) Broadcasting, publication, adaptation, placing on market, communication to the public, deletion, printing, copy and download of the Content.

b) The reproduction of the Website for commercial reasons.

10.3 Imitation or misrepresentation of the Website or its Content, in any way whatsoever, partially or otherwise, in any form and by any means is prohibited. In particular it is prohibited to the User:

a) Export or reuse of the whole or substantial part of the Website’s database. The data User is prohibited from performing actions that are contrary to the regular operation of the said database or unreasonably infringing legal rights of the beneficiary’s database by provoking damage to the beneficiaries of the intellectual property rights or other related rights regarding the works contained in the database.

b) Performing any action whatsoever, with the view to reverse engineering or reconstructing the source software of the Website or gaining unauthorised access in any software, system, individual computer or network of computers and/or SGS’s archive or hacking its Website and in general its systems by any means, such as indicatively by using mechanical means or automated procedures.

c) Defeat of any technical firewalls for the purpose of preventing actions prohibited by SGS, which (the defeat) is performed by the User knowingly or when there are good reasons for considering that the User acknowledges the effects of his/her actions.

d) Misrepresentation or imitation of the trademark, trade name and other distinctive features of SGS or of third parties that are published on the Website, as well as of the designs of SGS’s Products. The appearance of a distinctive feature in the Website cannot be implied as transfer, license allocation or right assignment of the distinctive feature to the User.

e) Removal or modification of the Terms of Use or of any other text available online, published at the Website and especially when it is related to the protection, the use or the beneficiary of intellectual and industrial property rights either when the User presents in public part of or the entire Website or not.

10.4 In case of an infringement or threat of infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights or other related rights, including the specific nature rights of the database constructor, of SGS and of third parties, the aforementioned subjects can, where applicable, claim the application of civil, administrative and penal penalties against the person who had infringed or is about to infringe the said rights in accordance with the law.

11. Photographs

The publication of the E-Shops photographs from a third party in other electronic or in print means, is permitted only on the condition that they are not used with a view to gain profit, are not altered, nor distorted and always clearly make reference to their source of origin (www.saveagreekstray.com).

12. Links

12.1 SGS may from time to time publish on its Website links to the websites of third parties and especially to social media. SGS bears no liability for the content of these websites as they are not under control and there is no contractual relationship between SGS and the owners of these websites. SGS does not guarantee to the Users the quality or the correctness of the information contained therein.

12.2 The lead to the E-Shop by the use of links published in the websites of third parties is forbidden without SGS΄s prior written consent.

13. Jurisdiction – Competence

The present Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. If the User or the Customer is accessing the Website from another country, they are obliged to comply with the legislation of that country.



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